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Concrete Slab Repair

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Many manufacturing companies use automated driven vehicles, highly sophisticated forklifts, and other specialized material-handling equipment in today's fast-paced, high-tech world. This is one of the reasons concrete slabs are such an essential aspect of building architecture. Concrete slabs must withstand abrasion and impact from strong, moving traffic and static loads, and the floor should preferably be smooth, aligned, and in good condition. Unfortunately, slab-on-grade floors may develop problems due to poor initial construction techniques or uses and loads that vary from the original design, resulting in costly delays or downtime.

Concrete Slab Flooring

A concrete floor must make firm contact with the supporting subgrade for moving and static loads to be spread uniformly over the slab. However, this near touch will fail if a gap forms between the slab and the subgrade, placing stress on the concrete. When the floor breaks and settles at a lower level than the surrounding regions or wheeled loads roll over a joint, the gap becomes noticeable. Curling at joints, joint breakdown, and heaving are all signs that the slab's desired interaction with the subgrade has been harmed.

Any industrial construction project's success is dependent on the strength of its concrete slab foundation. When piping or multi-ton equipment is introduced, poor design or construction makes the concrete more vulnerable to cracking or failure. Another problem with a concrete slab is that the area around the joints is prone to injury. If there is a gap between the subgrade and the slab, the floor may begin to deflect at the joints. Even though concrete slabs are solid and long-lasting, they are no match for this kind of tensile stress.

Concrete Slab Cost

Concrete slabs are usually $6 per square foot or $4 to $8 per square foot, including labor. For a standard 30-by-30-foot slab that's 6 inches thick, that's around $5,400, or between $3,600 and $7,200. The cost of materials alone is about $4 per cubic foot.

The following are some of the cost factors:                                                      
- Slab's thickness.
- Local material costs.
- The thickness of the edges.
- Reinforcement material.
- Extra dirt work.
- Radiant heat
- Grading to the sub-base.

If you notice any damages to your floor, we recommend that you have it inspected and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible. If you are beginning a new building project, our concrete slab estimator will come out and provide you with a quote for getting your concrete slab professionally poured. Contact us now!

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