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We are a full-service concrete contractor company that specializes in all types of architectural driveway, lawn, pavement, and basement finishes. We aim to provide you with the latest concrete mixing and finishing technology to extend the concrete's life in your home. Our knowledgeable estimator will visit you at your convenience and provide you with an accurate estimate as well as a range of design and finish choices to give your home a look you have always wanted. We work on both residential and commercial projects and are here to be of service to you.

Committed to superior quality and results

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting material that is ideal for solid structures, highways, and driveways. Concrete must be used correctly, which is why employing a professional company is essential. We don't just walk the talk; we have years of experience in the concrete industry. We are committed, and we use cutting-edge mixing technology to ensure the highest quality concrete. We treat each project as if it were our own, and our highly-trained teams are known for their exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

What does our Concrete Contractor do?

We are a team of industry experts and highly experienced, safety-trained workers who provide interior and exterior concrete construction services that are completed the first time correctly, with long-term success. Clients come to us because we have a reputation for producing high-quality work on schedule and within budget. They return to us because they appreciate how our team members treat them well.

Services we offer

Concrete Patio

You will never regret installing an outdoor patio on your house! You can use a patio to host parties, provide an afocal point for your landscaping, or relax without getting dirty. The patio is waiting for you to come out and enjoy it! Whatever you desire, we will create a one-of-a-kind patio design that will both meet your needs and make your neighbors envious. We look forward to assisting you with patio design and installation and working with you during the process to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Concrete Slab

Like this, concrete slab floors are available. We know how to construct buildings using concrete slabs for each customer. To keep the house working efficiently, we usually position them over a layer of insulation. This also allows for the installation of underfloor heating pipes in your home. Furthermore, prefabricated concrete slabs are used. They are installed in a factory and transported to the job site by us, ready to be lowered into position between steel or concrete beams. Our concrete slab contractors can manage any size project and provide concrete slab advice. By connecting you with the right people for your project, we'll make the process go smoothly.

Residential and Commercial Services

Since we have years of hands-on experience in the field, we can confidently say that we specialize in concrete. Because we're highly qualified and experienced professionals, we can handle any design and construction aspect. In addition to concrete construction, we are responsible for surveying the land, obtaining permits, and selecting materials.
For over a decade, our company has proudly served Topeka, Kansas, with high-quality jobs. You can rely on us to provide you with reasonable commercial concrete pricing if you need concrete pouring, finishing services, drilling, fill dirt, or gravel. We make confident that our customers have the best possible service.

Why Choose Us?

Our Good Name - Since we do business the right and perfect way, we have many happy customers all over Topeka, KS. We provide you high-quality goods and services at affordable prices. And our primary aim is always to prioritize you and to meet your standards consistently.

local sidewalk pouring contractor

Employees of Ours - Our firm has always been at the forefront of tangible services. We have the best experts who are competent and skilled in the job that needs to be done. Generations of experience and expertise are passed down, and the best and most trusted employee is retained to complete thousands of jobs in this field.

Our Tools and Equipment - We make confident that we have the most up-to-date and cutting-edge equipment and resources available. This is to ensure that the highest standard of artistry, finish, and structural integrity is delivered. We grew as a family over time as we faced challenges and provided outstanding customer service. Our organization is committed to working with clients effectively and productively. Regardless of how simple the jobs are, our company will ensure that every client receives the most delicate, most durable, and excellent concrete work possible.

Trust Us

Our highly qualified concrete contractor will provide the highest efficiency completed projects with the highest structural standards and continuous customer support before and after the work is completed. Providing the best solutions, efficiency and pricing meets everyone's needs; before
and after the job is finished, our highly qualified concrete contractor will give the best answers, efficiency, and pricing to meet everyone's needs.
With the most effective, secure, and trustworthy service available on the market today, a concrete contractor can ensure that a customer's needs are met at all times during the construction process. We strive for excellence, providing that installers use appropriate techniques and choose sustainable materials for driveways, walkways, patio slabs, colored concrete, and other projects. We are cautious about meeting concrete reinforcement criteria and

Emergency Home Repair

When an emergency arises, whether it’s a fire, flood or fallen tree, you want to get things back to normal quickly. Our Rapid Response service in Sandy Spring Georgia of professional and high quality concrete contractors will find the right remodeling and repair for you and put you in touch within minutes during your time of need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is concrete?

Fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate (crushed stone or gravel), portland cement, and water are used to make concrete. Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) are used to replace a portion of the portland cement in some concretes. The two most popular supplementary cementitious materials are slag cement and fly ash. The water-cementitious ratio is the most critical factor in determining the strength of concrete. The water-cementitious ratio is the weight of water in a batch of concrete separated by cementitious content. Chemical admixtures are sometimes used in concrete to minimize water content (and therefore improve workability) or regulate the concrete set.

What Is the Distinction Between Cement and Concrete?

Cement is one of the components that make up concrete, which is the most straightforward answer to this issue. Cement is a limestone-based powder that keeps all of the other materials in concrete together.

Cement and concrete are modern terms of Latin roots. "Concrete" is derived from the Latin word "concretus," which means "to harden together." The word "cement" comes from the Latin word "cementum," which means "roughly cut stone."

Pavement is very similar to concrete, with one minor exception. The cement binder in concrete is replaced with asphalt or tar.

When it comes to concrete, how long does it last?

Concrete has a long lifespan of thousands of years. The earliest known human-made concrete mix dates from about 500 BC. However, several factors such as humidity in the climate, maintenance, and aggregate consistency may significantly affect the concrete's lifetime.

So there you have it: answers to the three most often asked concrete questions. Now you know a little more about this often-overlooked component of our environment.

Brothers Concrete Contractors

Brothers Concrete Contractors

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