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Concrete Topeka KS

Concrete Contractor Topeka, KS

We are your best option if you're looking for a dependable concrete contractor in Topeka, KS who can build a concrete foundation for your commercial building or install a concrete patio for your house.

Our company is a full-service concrete firm that serves commercial, industrial, and residential customers throughout Kansas. Our first objective is to provide the greatest quality work and value, as well as to execute all concrete construction and repair projects on time and professionally. From the initial bid through the final job, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.


Concrete is a hardening construction material made up of cement, fine aggregates (sand), and coarse aggregates combined with water. Portland cement is the most popular form of cement used in concrete manufacturing. Concrete technology is concerned with the study of concrete characteristics and their practical applications. Concrete is used to construct foundations, columns, beams, slabs, and other load-bearing elements in building construction. Concrete sealer is often used in concrete construction projects.

Other than cement, several types of binding materials are employed, such as lime in lime concrete and bitumen in asphalt concrete for road building.


Residential Concrete Services

You may obtain smooth-poured concrete that looks beautiful and performs even better, whether you need a new driveway, sidewalk, or patio. We'll take care of your foundations, basements, and excavation needs. For years, our company has been putting up residential concrete. Our residential staff has all of the essential equipment and technology to accurately and affordably complete the concrete work for your new house. We can excavate and place all of your concrete as needed for your home using our concrete and excavation equipment.

Our crews are equipped with a variety of basement forms ranging from 2' to 9', as well as a concrete pump, telebelt, total stations, and a complete complement of top-notch installers. Customer service is our top priority and what sets us apart in the industry, regardless of the job. It's why so many homeowners have put their faith in us.

Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete used to construct or improve business facilities such as industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and even restaurants is known as commercial concrete. Walls, flooring, outdoor pathways and pavements, and even architectural aspects can all be made of commercial concrete. Commercial concrete is subjected to higher standards in terms of structural performance and durability as compared to residential concrete. Commercial concrete floors and pavements, such as post-tensioned slab construction, sometimes necessitate a stronger concrete mix design and additional reinforcement.

High-performance finishes or coatings for commercial floors must be able to handle heavy foot traffic, abrasion, and stains while also being easy to maintain. They must also be slip-resistant to protect employees and customers. Concrete floors in restaurants must be easy to clean and resistant to spills and food stains.

Concrete Patio

Did you know that your patio doesn't have to look the same as everyone else's? You have your own creative ideas for your space, and we'll do everything we can to make your patio meet your and your family's demands. You may require space for a hot tub, a pool, or a variety of recreational equipment. Perhaps you'd want to have space in your yard to hold huge gatherings or work on significant projects. Perhaps you'd like a large expanse of flat, even terrain to make walking and running easier. Brothers Concrete Contractor can customize your patio to meet your specific requirements.

Our concrete patios can also be embossed and dyed to look like natural stone or tile. For a fraction of the cost of actual stone, you can have a stunning, elegant, long-lasting patio that no one will ever know is made of concrete!

From start to finish, our skilled workforce is efficient and experienced, and we pay close attention to every element of the operation. We'll create a patio that you'll be pleased of!

Concrete Slab

You probably don't think about the concrete slab in your place of business very often. It is, nevertheless, one of the single most crucial elements of your complete framework. It is in charge of the building's general stability, and any severe flaws might create catastrophic difficulties.

Many industrial facilities use automated guided vehicles, highly complex forklifts, and other complex material-handling equipment in today's fast-paced, high-tech world. One of the reasons concrete slabs are such an important aspect of a building's structure is because of this. Concrete slabs must withstand abrasion and impact from heavy, moving traffic as well as static loads, and the floor should ideally be flat, aligned, and in good condition. Unfortunately, slab-on-grade flooring can develop difficulties as a result of poor initial construction procedures or uses and loads that differ from the original design, resulting in costly delays or downtime.

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