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Concrete Contractors Topeka KS

Do you have cracks in your concrete or see it settling around your house? Due to the Topeka weather, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces begin to crack over time. It might be tough to choose which type of material is ideal for repairing cracked or deteriorating concrete. When you're ready to install new concrete or remove and replace existing concrete at your house, call concrete contractors in Topeka and have it done properly.


Concrete is used in a wide range of tasks, from little residential projects to huge topic field constructions and buildings. Along with a variety of other applications, it is utilized for sidewalks, basements, floors, walls, and pillars. Various types of concrete are used in construction projects.

Concrete can be divided into three types based on the materials used and the applications for which it is used.

1.  Lime Concrete

Lime is used as a binding agent in lime concrete. Unless otherwise specified, lime is normally blended with surki and khoa or stones in a 1:2:5 ratio. Before combining, the khoa or stones are soaked in water. The most common applications for lime concrete are foundations and terrace roofing.

2.  Reinforced Cement Concrete

Steel reinforcements are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete. To remove or reduce tensile stresses, RCC is sometimes pre-stressed under compression. Pre-stressed Concrete is the name given to the resulting concrete.

3.  Cement Concrete

Cement concrete composites are used as the primary building material in most engineering projects. Cement, sand, brick chips, or stone chips of the appropriate size make up the mixture. The common ratio is 1:2:4 or 1:3:6. For optimal strength construction, the concrete mix is cured with water for 28 days after mixing the needed amounts of components.

In general, there are four distinct types of work to choose from when estimating the amount of time it will take to complete the task. As an example:

4.  Dry Ready Mix

This is the type of combo that most home improvement and hardware stores carry. It usually comes in luggage weighing between sixty and eighty pounds. Dry ready-to-use mixes are straightforward to combine, and practically all handmade meals call for this combination. A bucket or cart, a shovel or hoe, a trowel, and a specific amount of water are required for the mixture.

5.  Ready Mix

The difference between dry ready mix and ready-mix concrete is that ready combine already has water added to it. This concrete is pre-mixed and is ideal for larger DIY projects or those who do not want to create their own concrete. It's usually transported on a small trailer with an intermixture drum attached to keep it moist and blended. The premade mix is frequently more expensive and more difficult to come by. It should also be used promptly since otherwise, it will be set without properly unfolding.

6.  Transit Mix

Almost any cast-in-place concrete may be made with this mix. It's usually delivered by concrete trucks with a large drum that prevents the concrete from hardening up while in transportation. It allows for a single continuous pour, resulting in fewer seams and overall stronger concrete.

7.  Bulk Dry Materials

Purchasing dry materials in bulk is cost-effective. This may allow the project to be tailored to the specific needs and applications of concrete. The disadvantage of buying in bulk is that the materials will take up a lot of space before being used. Materials will most likely be delivered to the location.


Commercial Concrete Services

We have been in business since then, providing the best value on a wide range of products and services to clients throughout Kansas vast range of experience as a leader in the commercial concrete business includes highway and public works, as well as educational, industrial, hospital, and parking facilities.

Residential Concrete Services

When it comes to replacing an old driveway or adding a stylish patio slab to your house, hiring a residential concrete contractor with a track record of success should be your top priority. Any residential property can benefit from the expertise of a residential concrete services professional. Our company is a full-service concrete contractor serving the Kansas area with over years of experience.

Concrete Patio

Your outdoor living environment, we believe, is equally as important as your indoor living area. After all, expanding your backyard patio is a cost-effective method to increase the square footage of your home's party space! A concrete patio in Salem is a great option if you want to create an aesthetically pleasing backyard living space. Concrete is highly long-lasting and comes in a wide range of forms and shapes. We'll be pleased to collaborate with you to get the style you want for your patio.

Concrete Slabs

Everything from patio furniture to foot traffic to semi-trailer vehicles is supported by concrete slabs. Concrete slabs present many construction factors that must be evaluated before the concrete placement begins since they serve such a wide range of applications and support requirements. A slab pour necessitates meticulous preparation to ensure that all of the aspects required to produce a high-quality slab are completed on time (before the concrete sets) and correctly. 

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